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Fairway Mortgage
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FPA National Capital Area Sponsor Support Information

Fairway Mortgage - Reverse Mortgage Support

See Below for info and Flyer on Jamie Hopkins Webinars, as well as Handouts Related to the Wade Pfau Sessions!

See Below for Info and Flyer for June 17 Webinar!

Dear Members,

Truly unprecedented times calling for creative and effective solutions.

I represent a product that can help people bridge the gap into a brighter future. It’s a product that when leveraged correctly can change lives for the better. It can serve all people offering different solutions for each client:

  1. People age 62+ who are still making a mortgage payment may be able to eliminate a monthly mortgage payment. Model the elimination of that payment in emoney or MoneyGuidePro and note how it impacts portfolio longevity.
  2. People age 62+ who own their home free and clear will establish a substantial, irrevocable, and growing line of credit to be used as a buffer asset. It can be used to buy time allowing their retirement portfolio maximum growth opportunity.
  3. People who are wealthy and not materially affected by this drama - please make me your beneficiaryJ! But seriously, they can effect a Roth conversion capitalizing on the current market discount and funding the taxes with a reverse mortgage. It’s a very efficient way to recapture wealth if you believe in our market system.

Low rates and high property values create prime conditions for liquefying home equity into inexpensive cash. Four years ago I started my sponsorship of this chapter hosting the brightest minds in reverse mortgage like Dr. Wade Pfau and Harlan Accola to help you prepare for exactly today’s market condition. Please take advantage of your membership while considering me a resource to help you and your clients understand how their accumulation of housing wealth may serve as a life raft into a better future.

Equity represents $7 Trillion and must be part of the solution. Spend equity first and let the portfolio grow! It’s a tangible way for people to take control and eliminate fear. Create a solid foundation by Securing the home and creating more cash flow. However, the mortgage market is dynamic. How long before property values drop reducing available equity? If people skip mortgage payments it’s difficult to qualify for a reverse mortgage, will they be exempt if they listen to the government and skip payments? How long will the product have a secondary market willing to invest? It’s imperative that you talk with your clients, family members, and friends now in order to lock in the best opportunity. I know this sounds dramatic but it’s true. Reverse Mortgage exists now, act decisively and take advantage.

I have established and an E calendar (link below) for your convenience with availability for education, discovery, and case studies. Colleagues, clients, family members and advisors are welcome and everything we discuss can be credibly sourced. I will also share information on our monthly advisor webinars for those who desire a refresher course on reverse mortgage strategies. In the fall when we break bread together again, I hope to secure an additional speaker updating our progress and the state of the industry.

This too shall pass……

Warm regards,


Advisor's Guide to Reverse Mortgage

Todd Jarvis
Mortgage Advisor
NMLS# 1579041
7001 Heritage Village Plaza, Suite 250 & 255 & 260
Gainesville, VA 20155







Schedule a training, consultation or review:


Create a consumer profile and request a Reverse Mortgage Proposal:


Create a consumer profile and apply for a Traditional Home Purchase or Refinance:



Here are the links to Dr. Pfau’s 4 presentations. You may want to start your walk with session #4, it’s the most comprehensive and then I can lead you to additional answers. I’ve included his slide deck for quick reference along with information about stacking tax deductions with a reverse mortgage, the information was highly requested.


My goal is to add value to your business and improve your client’s retirement. CE credit is available for this series and the charge is $5 per credit up to four credits available. In order to receive credit the links must be viewed for 1 hour each and you must contact me with payment information before May 20th.   I can send a secure link for payment details.


The attached Case Study form can be used to as a preliminary look into the possible benefits of reverse mortgage for any of your clients. I have prepared case studies for clients family members in order to establish a buffer between the client’s assets and the parent’s needs. I have run case studies on clients living in $4M homes with $20M net worth. Most of the case studies I produce are people living in the National Capitol MSA with homes valued at $650k plus and $1M+ in retirement assets. I have a simple 3 step process:

1)      Send me the case study form for analysis.

2)      We review it together answering all of your questions.

3)      Client presentation can be with or without your involvement.

When all agree, we proceed to implementation!


My primary goal is to ensure the integrity and reputation of your business. You are simply offering an option like any other - annuities, bond ladders and reverse mortgages all have their place. My job is to represent the reverse mortgage option professionally through education and will not “sell” your client anything. I’ve seen the power of this product and truly believe it can be of benefit in the right situation. If at any time your client would like to step back, I put the process on hold. I am a value added component of your business here to help you get results.


We’ve asked Jamie Hopkins to expand on his Investment News article regarding errors by omission. He will discuss how you can talk about home equity planning with your clients and with your compliance officers. I hope you will join us on May 14th, details and registration link are below.


Best regards and stay safe,



Links to Recordings of Wade Pfau's Presentations:

Week 1:

Week 2:

Week 3:

Week 4:


Attention Financial Advisors, your invited to join us for a live one hour webinar on June 17th, 2020.  We will be covering how you can use a reverse mortgage loan in estate planning to help increase your client’s legacy to their heirs.  We will also be covering life insurance, Medicaid, and long term care (LTC) strategies for your clients.  This will be an interactive presentation with Q&A.  Here is the link to register

Here’s the registration link:

See Below for Flyer!



Hopkins Article Referenced in Wade's Session

Wade Pfau's Power Point Presentation

Cinderella Addendum

Reverse Mortgage Case Study Form

Credit Card Use Form