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DPL Financial Partners


New DPL Webinar: How Advisors Work with Dimensional

Wed, May 13, 2020 4:15 PM - 5:15 PM EDT


Dimensional’s investment solutions—grounded in academic research and financial science—are sought out by advisors seeking strong returns for their clients.  Join Dimensional’s Head of Insurance, Matt Cobb, VP of Global Client Group, Leigh Jedeikin, and DPL Financial Partners CEO, David Lau, to learn how Dimensional works with advisors like you, how they view investing and asset management, and how you can access Dimensional solutions through Commission-Free annuity solutions offered by DPL.


During this session, you’ll learn: How Advisors Work with Dimensional


• How Dimensional works with advisors

• Why advisors seek out Dimensional’s research-based investment solutions for their clients

• How to access Dimensional funds through DPL’s Commission-Free annuity products

• How combining DFA and DPL’s solutions can deliver greater client value


To Register, please follow this link:


There have been some questions around recent changes for RIA’s in Virginia looking for no-load annuity solutions for their clients. DPL Financial Partners is an independent 3rd party that provides consultation on no-load annuities for RIA’s and is offering to help answer any questions that may be coming up. DPL partners with more than a dozen carriers to provide 100% commission-free solutions for RIAs.
Please contact Cody Williams, (502) 398-6771 or via email with any questions.


Below is a link to a story about a press release held recently.

With everything going on, it has been decided to offer our no load annuity services to RIA’s through June.

Please review the DPL offer by following the link below.