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2019 Board Slate
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FPA National Capital Area 2019 Board Slate

The Proposed Board of Directors for 2019 is listed below. The Nominating Committee has approved the proposed slate for 2019. Emily Dupre, Aaron Clarke, Dan Lash, Howard Pressman, Chris Rivers and Peggy Nelson served on the Nominating Committee.

In addition, our membership meeting will be held on Tuesday, December 4, 2018 at Westwood Country Club, Vienna, Virginia at approximately 11:00 a.m. This meeting will be prior to our monthly program scheduled for that day. At this meeting, we will introduce the 2019 Board.



Howard Pressman, CFP®, Chair                   Chris Rivers, CFP®, President

Parker Trasborg, CFP®, President-Elect                                          Rose Price, CFP®, Treasurer

Susan Chesson, CFP®, Secretary and Chair of Capitol Hill Advocacy Day




Carl Holubowich, CFP®, Sponsorships Co-Director

Kirk Taylor, CFP®, Sponsorships Co-Director


Aaron Clarke, CFP®, Programs Co-Director

Sam Boyd, CFP®, Programs Co-Director


Kelly McNerney, CFP®, Social Events Director


Chris Mellone, CFA, CFP®, PR/Media Relations & Communications Director


Catharine Mulcahy, CFP®, Membership Co-Director

Vernon Biggs, Membership Co-Director


Coryn Rosenstock, Esquire, Pro Bono Co-Director

Candace Lee, CFP®, Pro Bono Co-Director


Emily Purdon, CFP® NEXGEN Co-Director

Emily Harper, CFP®, NEXGEN Co-Director


Shellie Peters, CFP®, Allied Professionals Director